About Us

What Is Silliest Slogans

Silliest Slogans is a feel-good brand, meaning we market positive emotions.

Beginning April of 2021, our mission has been simply to spread the gift of laughter and smiles worldwide.

Since then, we have expanded our mission.

How you feel about yourself matters.

We don’t believe in limits when it comes to accomplishments.  

We believe the answer to a better world is in building people up.

We believe that if you feel awesome about yourself, then you can accomplish awesome things.

We go about this by creating meaningful designs on quality garments that elicit a positive emotional response for the wearer.

We inject Confidence, Love, Humor, and Positivity into everything we do.


Selfless – Individuals – Loving – Life – Young-At-Heart.

This acronym characterizes what we believe the world needs more of. 

Let's make the world a little bit better. One smile at a time 😁

-Get S.I.L.L.Y 😜